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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I'm both excited and nervous today, since the first two novels in the Ratha series will be released on July 19, 2007, which is only two days away. Ratha first saw print in hardcover in 1983, and Clan in 1984. That is more than a decade, which boggles my mind. I really don't feel 20-odd years older than the eager 29-year old who saw her book in print for the first time (and had to be peeled off the ceiling!)

Ratha is back because she survived in the hearts of readers. She wasn't more successful the first time out because the world wasn't ready for her ("A book about a talking big cat? Who wants to read something like that?"). When she and the clan faded from view in the 90's, I mourned them, but gathered up my life and went on to other things.

Now because of movies such as The Lion King and series such as Warriors, the world is ready. Ratha has survived because she inspired love and loyalty in her readers. Now she is ready to run again and be recognized for the pioneer that she was and still is.

She was created out of love and passion and that is the reason she and the clan still survive.
Long may they flourish!

Thank you, Ratha fans, thank you Firebird Books, Sharyn November and her Internet teen readers, endless thank-you's to all whose devotion got these books back in print. Yes, I did write another Ratha, (Ratha's Courage), but you gave me the opportunity.

Yes, I'm nervous, a bit scared, rejoicing, impatient, and more. Ideally I would have done much more preparation and publicity, but for various reasons it didn't happen, although I have done quite a bit and learned a terrific amount.

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